Who is it for?

Membership is encouraged among individuals who fully support our aims and objectives.

Membership of CBMC is less about what we get, and more about what we can do together, and what we can give in service to friends and colleagues in the marketplace. Our members support cbmc both financially and in other ways on an annual basis.

If you are interested in membership and would like to receive more regular updates please feel free to contact David or any member of our committee , or alternatively you can email info@cbmc.org.uk

What is the time commitment?

No time commitment unless you feel you wish to be actively involved.

We hold an AGM every year providing members the opportunity to come and hear a more detailed report on our work. The AGM also offers the opportunity for members to input into the strategy of cbmc over the coming year.

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in becoming a member, please download the relevant details below or contact us on info@cbmc.org.uk for more information. If you are considering making a regular donation to CBMC, you may wish to use our Standing Order & Gift Aid Form for this purpose.


CBMC Membership Enquiry Letter

CBMC Membership Form