Events - What to Expect


Who are Events For?

The format, venue and timing of events are typically geared to suit business and professional women and men working in Northern Ireland from all backgrounds, ages and professions. That stated you do not need to be involved in business to attend events, we operate a very welcoming and open invitation policy.

What is the Format?

Events generally follow that of any other business lunch or breakfast you may have attended. Breakfasts normally start at 730am and finish before 9am, lunches normally start at 1230 finishing 2pm. Seating at events is very informal giving guests a good opportunity to connect and share. Food is served first either by buffet or table service which is followed by a speaker who will either be interviewed or speak for approx 30-45 mins.

Do I need to be invited as a guest?

Newcomers to our events are usually attending as a guest of a person from our database, however that is simply a result of how events are marketed. You are very welcome to attend even if you are not yet on our database. If you would like to receive event notifications please feel free to join our mailing list. (click here)

How do I confirm my attendance?

Each event listed within the events area of our website will have a button at the bottom ‘confirm attendance' by clicking this button you will be asked to fill out a short form which notifies us of you intention to attend. All that we ask is if your circumstances change you notify us by email ( if you can no longer attend, this is to assist with event planning.

What will the speaker talk about?

The difference between cbmc events and other business and networking events that you may have attended is content. Where typical business events generally focus on industry specific topics or business development tools, speakers at cbmc talk more of how personal faith has impacted on experiences through life. We often receive comments from attendees about how these honest and ‘laid bare' talks have impacted them in a very positive manner.

Is there a dress Code?

As most events take place during the working day and week, most people present will be in business dress, however please feel free to be more casual. N.B. Occasionally some of our venues may have a dress code but we will notify clearly if this is the case.

How much does it cost?

Quite a number of guests attending events for the first time ask us, ‘who do we pay?' Or ‘how can I make a donation?' Our answer to above never changes. As a guest for the first few times to CBMC we value your company and would be grateful if you could accept the offer of our hospitality.

If after this you feel you would like to or are in a position to pay our treasurer Steven Thompson will be present at most events and if you feel you would like to make a gift to our ministry Steven will be able to help you.

Steven may be contacted at